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DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital

Dr. Avi Sudhakara

I have been playing basketball with padded compression wear since McDavid debuted their line up in Chicago. I have tested different brands but BLINDSAVE is the best I have tested so far. I enjoyed the fit and the comfort of BLINDSAVE products. I forgot I was wearing pads once it heated up. I never had to adjust pads – it stayed in place and felt like a second skin. As a Sports Medicine Doctor I’m recommending BLINDSAVE to all athletes and weekend warriors.

San Antonio Spurs, NBA

Davis Bertans

"I didn't use a lot of padded compression wear before because it made me feel big and uncomfortable. Everything changed when I tried out BLINDSAVE gear. It was so comfortable that I didn't even feel I had any padding on my skin."

CCC Polkowice (Poland), EuroLeague

Elina Babkina

"BLINDSAVE padded compression wear is very comfortable and it allows me to play with full speed. After I tried it I don’t want to use any other padded compression wear anymore."

WNBA Champion

Anete Jekabsone-Zogota

"I’m using protection gear during the games and practices because it helps to improve my confidence. I tried out BLINDSAVE protection gear and it’s very comfortable and high quality."

Olympiacos Piraeus (Greece), EuroLeague

Janis Strelnieks

"I’m using BLINDSAVE protection gear because it feels like I’m not wearing any padding at all."

Milan EA7 Emporio Armani (Italy), EuroLeague

Dairis Bertans

"My first experience with protection gear wasn’t successful because I felt like ice-hockey player with huge and heavy body armour. But I changed my mind when I tried out BLINDSAVE protection gear. It’s very light, flexible and comfortable."

Betaland Capo d'Orlando (Italy)

Janis Berzins

"BLINDSAVE padded compression gear fits better than any other brand I have tried. It feels natural, as if you don’t have any padded spandex on at all."