3/4 tights with full protection

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BLINDSAVE padded 3/4 tights are designed to support key muscle groups – they offer focused support and stability as well as the protection of key areas from hits and falls. BLINDSAVE offers the first padded compression wear in the world for basketball and other indoor sports that adjusts its shape to the player’s body. The padding ensures better level of comfort and ergonomics due to its unique features and patent-pending technology. These ¾ tights ensure full protection.




  • Thin & light: 40% thinner padding.
  • Shock absorbing: 20% better shock absorption.
  • Adjusting to body: At 97.7 – 98.6 F (36.6 – 37 C), the padding becomes softer and adjusts its shape to body.
  • Ergonomic: makes you feel like you are not wearing any padding at all. 


WearTesters preformance review on the BLINDSAVE padded compression


The paddings are located at the thighs, hips, tailbone and knees. Through extensive testing we found the best shape and position of the paddings. Compared to other brands, we use a spheric shape padding in order to provide the perfect fit for your body. Through the use of unique shock absorbing materials ranging from 2 – 5.5 mm in thickness, we can offer an extremely high level of comfort.


The materials used in BLINDSAVE 3/4 tights with full protection provide an improved level of compression. The modern “paper touch” gives the technical garment an aesthetic appeal, which is combined with top functional performance – maximum comfort, shape retention and quick-drying properties.

Elpojos matereals

We use the best quality yarn – Coolmax. Because of its special four-channel or six-channel fibre that forms a capillary transport system it pulls moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries that moisture faster than other fabrics to cool the body by evaporation. Fabrics made of Coolmax provide a nice sensation of dryness and airy.

PA 71% – EA (LYCRA) 29%.

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