What kind of material is the padding made out of?

The padding is made of high quality material with an innovative shock absorbing and patent-pending body adjust technology (BAT). It achieves its best functionality at 97.7 – 98.6 F (36,6 – 37 C).

Is it washable?

Yes, it is washable. You can also wash it in the washing machine. However: do not tumble dry and do not iron the protector.

How light is the padded compression gear?

It is very light. For example, weight of our protective shorts is only 0.59 pounds (270 g). Our protective gear is so comfortable that within less than a minute of using it you will totally forget about it .

How big of a hit can the padding absorb?

It can absorb the weight of a 20 pounds (10 kg) dumbbell falling on your feet from a 0.65 feet (20 cm) height.    

Are there any tests that prove that BLINDSAVE gear absorbs hits better?

We carried out hit absorption tests in collaboration with scientists from the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre (ITTC) of the Riga Technical University. Test setup was prepared according to EN 1621-1 method.

How does the padding adjust its shape to body?

The padding begins adjusting its shape immediately after coming in contact  with your body. The highest functionality of the protective material is achieved at 97.7 – 98.6 F (36.6 – 37 C).

How can I find out the best size for me?

The easiest way is to look at the size chart on our web page.

What countries do you deliver to?

We deliver all around the world.

For what types of sports can I use padded compression wear?

These protectors can be used in basketball and other indoor sports as well as football. You could potentially try using these protectors in other types of sports but we have not yet tested their use outside indoor sports.

Where are BLINDSAVE padded compression wear made? 

BLINDSAVE products are made in Latvia (European Union).